Thursday, 5 November 2009

A Sweet Surprise and Bright Spots

Boka Tov:
It was 9:21 pm
I decided to call it a night.
After, Mark was in the field and I wouldn'r hear from him until next week.
And then phone rang.
I knew who it was...
"Hi baby....I just had to find a phone, I just need to hear my beloved's voice."
"It is barren here, Laini. Every few trees, mountains, even with the sun out, this place is gray and dready. I need to hear the voice of Sunshine."
The name Elayne (Eileen) means 'Sunshine' or "Sunlight.'
"You need a plant."
So I have added seeds, a small bag of soil and a plastic pot to the ever growing list of things to send. This way he has something green and alive around him. Plants have amazing way to revive the soul. And working in the soil is great therapy.
He can also leave it for the next Civil Affairs officer that replaces him next year. Brighten things up in a gray place.
I went to sleep with a smile upon my face.
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