Monday, 9 November 2009

If The Shoe Don't Fit,.... It Ain't Your Shoe.

Boka Tov:
Well once again I'm up at 0:Early.
I know the reason; mourning.
Mourning the deaths of 13 Amercian heroes. As I learn of each of their stories, I realize how much we truly lost. A young woman who told her mother she was going to find Osama Bin Laden herself. A young woman having her first child, a baby that died before it was born. A soldier who was married two months ago. A 54 year Nurse Practitioner. This is what we as a nation have been robbed of.
That same evening I learned of the death of a sweet little girl, just 15 years old.
No wanted to discuss how she died or what happen. The silence told all. A few days ago I would learn the whole story. A story I already from the silence. I story I'd heard too many times having worked with teens. I hope this causes parnets to talk to their kids, I mean have real, heart talk with their children.
So I have been doing a lot of praying this weekend.
I rmember Amir and his Baba from The Kite Runner. Baba is explaining to his son that there is only one sin. Stealing.  All sin is rooted in stealing.If you, you rob someone of thier right to know the truth. When you kill, you have robbed a husband, a wife, children and friends of their love and support, you have robbed the world of a soul. You rob joy and replace it with grieve. Our actions do affect those around us; for good or evil. I continue to pray for all who mourn.
It is a new week, that means a new beginning. It's a nice sunny day and I need to pickup boxes for Mark's CarePackages and start getting them ready this week. I might even do some shopping for me as well.
I started a puzzle last night. The gathering of the animals for the Ark. I had brought the three part series a few years ago, but haven't don them yet. So this week is a good week.
As I worked, I was reminded of all the life lessons I'd leanred doing puzzles. It was something my sister, my mum and I could enjoy without War World III breaking out.
And one of the things I was reminded of is: if the piece doesn't fit don't force it.
How many times do we try a force things to fit, to work; a career, a friendship or relationship, too small jeans. It just isn't going to work.
Find the piece that does.
I remember during Mark's last deployment, I went out to find some boots. There was this cute pair I really wanted. And they were my size.
Or so I thought. Becuase of the way the boot was made, I really needed a larger size.
I didn't want to admit that. So I tried to force that boot on my foot.
After a few minutes I realize, these aren't my boots.
If the shoe don't fit, (or in this case, the boot) it ain't your shoes.
Well, after a few weeks of searching, I did find just the boots I wanted. Costed alittle more, but better made and very comfortable.
Now I need to find another cute jean skirt to match it.
Enjoy your day :)
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