Monday, 2 November 2009

Chili Making and Goals

Lailia Tov:
The weather warmed up a bit and I headed out for the store.
It is Chili weather and it is time to make a big pot.
So, as I work on this entry, the Chili is in the kitchen, doing its thing.
Ah I can smell it even now.
But I shall be good and after it cools, put the Chili away until tomorrow.
Chili, like soups and stews are best served 24 hours after their made. Some of it I shall for the coming winter months.
Tonight, it is leftovers.
Since Mark is on his mission, as I stated on the other Blog LoveFromIraq (I need to change that title since he is in Afghanistan) I have my as well.
Part of it is taking care of myself.
Another is getting goals for myself, things I wish to do, to learn.
One is finishing the Blog, We Made Our Own Huppah. I'd stopped midway and I really need to finish it. I enjoy looking back on those early days, reliving that precious time in our lives and how they are the backdrop, the fountation of where we are today.
I have friends who are having babies and I need to get those colourful balls of yarn made into baby blankets. I also need to get in touch with a Hospic program and offer to make Afghans for ill patients. There is a comfort that a blanket made with prayer and love can bring.
Mark is sleep right now.
Sleep well, beloved.
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