Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Great Live Without G-d-Out

Boka Tov:
Yeah, you read right: The Great Live Without G-d-Out.
No, it isn't a joke. And it it Co-led by a former Paster, now.
While on facebook, answering a message from a friend, my eye spotted an ad for th Great Live Without G-d-out. Fashion after the Great Amercian Smoke out which its aim is to help the Smoker for at least one day live without smoking and this just might be the starting off point of breaking the habit, so it the aim of this day. For one day, live your life as if there is no G-d. And one of the things those who take part in this day is to lobby for geniune Separation of Church and State.
I started not to write about this at all.
But then I thought, people, even those who claim to believe in Him, live their lives as if there is no G-d anyway. And while in this nation we have Freedom of religion, to believe and practice whatever faith we hold, I also believe we are free NOT worship. Unlike the days when the Taliban reigned in Afghanistan, men are not dragged out of their places of employment or home and taken to the Mosque to pray.
And yes, I know my American history. In fact, I know it better than most. One day I shall share why.

There was a time, when the first settlers arrived here, folks were indeed forced to go to Church and punished if they did not. They were often placed in Stocks, the above picture. Or faced forty lashes. Sometimes both.
I am so thankful those days are over, since G-d wants people to come and worship Him, not because they are forced to, but because they wish to.
I once asked an Atheist friend of my, how can you have such strong reactions to something you don't believe in.
 She just at me like I'd gone a third eye.
"You say you hate G-d and then you say you don't believe in Him. How can you hate that which you don't believe in.

My friend thought for a moment and said: "I never thought about it. Your right. I do believe in G-d. I hate Him."
It was at that moment we could get to heart of what was bothering my friend.
Coming from a very religious background, she felt G-d and religjon stopped her from doing all of the things she wished to do. She wanted Freedom From Religion.
I asked my friend (and yes we are still friends) "I am a religious person. Do you see such choke holds on my life?"
She smiled and for the very first time in friendship, I saw my friend cry: "I wish I could believe as you do."

My friend has begun her jounry of faith. G-dspeel Bud.
For me, I cannot begin to imagine my life without G-d, nor do I wish to. I have been a believer of the Holy One since age five, Not because I was told to. But because in the way only a child knows, I just knew He is.
Over the years, I did learn that The Easter Bunny (who I have yet figured how he has anything to do with Easter) Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy (Tooth Fairy never visited our home; Gran brought the baby's teeth) were all make believe fun for childhood memories, G-d was never part of that.
I can't live with G-d one second, let alone one day.
I know there folks who feel differently. It isn't that don't believe in G-d: they hate Him. And like teens coming from controling homes (either real or imaigined) they can't wait to break free once out on their own. They not only want G-d out of their lives, but of the heart of  this nation's.
Freedom From Religion.
I would like Freedom From Booming Rap music coming from cars and Soft Porn pasted on BillBoards and TV shows.
But I am sure there will be those who will take up the challenge. And after that, I would like to see those same folks live one day with G-d.
That would be interesting.
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