Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Thought For the Evening

Lailia Tov;
It is the eveningtide here in Virginia.
I just finished a yummy suffer supper of pasta and sauce I made a few nights ago. Always better the next day. The kettle is on boil, plannig a nice cup of hot chocolate. My aunt Michael makes the best hot chocolate and I hope I do her justice in my efforts.
It is a quiet night here.
But then, it always is. Even when Mark is home.
For believe it or not, Mark and I aren't loud people.
Oh, we do know how to have fun, we have been out with friends and gotten into fits of giggles that causes heads to turn. But all and all, we know how to have fun and yet there is a peace in our lives. In our home. It is a peace one chose's, a peace G-d gives.
And even with Mark being deployed and we live our lives often moment to moment, I do have a wonderful life, one I would not trade for all the Mint tea in Morocco.
For my life is filled with purpose and love, joy that takes the string out of pain.
I once told Mark I would go with him through Hell itself; for I knew on the other side is Paradise. My devotion and love for G-d is even greater.
It is quiet in my house. It is peaceful and warm.
Yes, I miss my beloved. He is in my heart and I am in his.
It has been a good day and a good evening. I shall spend the evening with the Lover of my soul.
And hopefully, my beloved will call.
Night all.
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