Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I like my Bread Toasted, Thankyou

Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons and Laini, for thou are crunchy and go great with Grey Poupon. And I so love a fresh human for breakfast.

Boka Tov;
It is Election Day here in Virginia.
The past few days my facebook page has been littered with pushes for this guy and that lady. And while it is their right, I have hidden them for I am tired of someone  screaming "Virginia! vote for Deeds! vote for MacDonnell!"
But where I draw the line is my inbox.
Several dear souls decided it wasn't enough to just to give a shout out (or maybe they knew I had hidden them, so as not to see their messages) to tell me who I should vote for and worse; if I don't support their guy (Deeds AND MacDonnell supporter) I am ung-dly, unamerican and worse, wish to see this state return to the Dark Ages.
I had a problem with being label a race-traitor because I didn't support Mr. Obama and now someone wishes to label me ung-dly because I don't openly support their chose?
How dare they!
How dare anyone!
Sorry, but the Taliban don't live here. And if they did, as Mark often points out, they would feel my Wooden Spoon.
No one tells me I HAVE to vote (I don't have to). No one tells me HOW to vote. That is between me and G-d. No one tells me what to think, feel or believe. Or who my friends are and are not (though Mark and I have had a few discussions about that)
To do is at one's own risk.
Ask Mark.
You just might end on my breakfast table. I like my meat well done, bread lightly toasted, heavy on the Grey Poupon and a nice pot of Earl Grey.
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