Sunday, 1 November 2009

Two Weeks

Just got off the phone with Mark.
He leaves in a few hours for a two week mission, checking on the progress of his projects, meeting villiages elders and getting to know the people.
It is the last phone call for two weeks.
I'd known for a few days; Mark gave me a heads up about the upcoming mission and that where would be no contact after the First of November.
It is still hard.
This morning, around 3a.m, I awoke to the sound of ice hitting the bedroom window. The heat kicked on as the apartment cooled.
I was greeted with a grey, cold morning and made coffee and toasted half a bagel.
Some sun shone when Mark called, then went back into hiding when we rang off.
So this afternoon, instead of finishing The BookSeller of Kabul ( a rather depressing book) I am going to take a shower, braid my hair, order pizza and make it a Movie Day while I crochet a baby afghan for a friend who's having a little girl.
And pray.
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