Saturday, 7 November 2009

Captain's Visit

Getting ready to start my day. Soon I will go on patrol to look for suitable places to emplace a karez (an ancient form of water storage and distribution).

Lailia Tov:
Mark called me about an hour ago.
This is his second day at a Army Camp that, on a fact finding mission. On this Base, he can even get on facebook briefly and we were able to chat after we got off the phone. The above is the message he left for our friends.
Mark was telling me that one of the main problems in Afghanistan is water. It isn't that they don't have any; it is storage. Because of the mountians and the snow that is gathered, plus the rain, the people of Afganistan don't how to collect and store the water and snow that could reduce their water problem greatly. So today, Mark is going out into field with a gentleman who can help improve the water storage for the people  and their use. This will go a long way in also improving the people's over all health as well as their crops.
As we were talking on the phone, LoneStar's I'm Already There, began to play. Mark said; "their singing our song."
It was then I realize I haven't sung to my husband since just before he left for Afghanistan. So I sang our song to my Beloved.
It felt good and he loved it.
It's moments like this that I miss the most.
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