Friday, 27 November 2009

Second Day of Thanksgiving

The morning didn't start well.
I had one of 'those dreams.'
If you are a military sponse, child and/or parnet, you know what 'that dream is.'
It is the dream where your loved dies.
My ended with having to tell Mark's parnets of his passing.
I awoke rather early, trying to remind myself that it was just a dream.
But I just couldn't shake off that feeling of dread.
So I prayed and prepared for the day.
I had to go in for blood test before my doctor's appointment next week, so this morning was an early one. I showered, dressed and headed out for the Lab, which wasn't far.
I kept with the 'shaking this off.' Yes, one has to go through the emotion, but not stand there.
After blood work, I headed for the bakery to pick the Challal and stopped for Starbucks.
I thanked the dear lady who made my coffee; it was the best Peppermint Mocha I'd ever had.
I then came home and made another cup of coffee, this time to go with a slice of the cranberry-nut bread mum Reel send me home with.
By this time I had shaken off the dread and could once again move on with my plans for the day.
Since I have plenty of leftovers, there is no need to cook. So I plan to crochet this afternoon and watch a movie.
I plan a nice quiet weekend, because next week gets busy.
I start Operation Love Afghanistan. It isn't just school supplies needed, but also candles and blankets, sweaters, socks, shoes. Afghanistan is one of the poorest nations and this is why the Taliban is so appearing to many of the people: working for the Taliban gives one the money one needs to live. Much like many of our poor here get involve with gangs and drugdealers to feed and cloth their families.
So next week I begin to shop and collect blankets, candles, clothing, school supplies and even toys to send as well as sending Hanukkah cards to our Jewish soldiers.
I rather like being part of the work my hubby is doing.
I think I shall pull out the army boots Mark brought me.
I feel like I'd earned now.
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