Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Boka Tov:
The collard greens are done and at the moment safe in the Fridge.
Onion and Sage Stuffing is baking in the oven and smelling very good.
I just hope they make it to the folks.
I spoke to Mark last night. The phone kept dying (network was down) But we did manage to share Thanksgiving memories.
This time of the year holds special meaning for us. It is the time we realize we were more than friends. When Mama Jordan and Mark met for the first time. We had just learned Mark had cancer and weren't sure if this would be his last with us. It is when Mark said he did wish to marry me one day.
It is when we shared our first thanksgiving not just with family, but held a Thanksgiving Dinner for the Seniors at Beth Messiah. It is when I make the biggest pots of collard greens and pull out the recipe for Onion and Sage stuffing I found in an old english cookery book.
It is watching videos of the Thanksgiving From the History channel and The Mayflower; The Untold Story.
It is the time when I have send and recieved Thanksgiving cards during three different deployments. Including this one.
It is late night hot Turkey sandwiches and coke with my beloved.
Next year, G-d willing, it will be Thanksgiving in Williamburge and one day Plymouth. Then we shall have more memories to share with the children we still pray G-d will give us.
Memories we shall share over and over.
On a quiet night as we cuddle on the sofa.
Or over the phone during another deployment.
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