Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Bright, Bright, SunShiney Day

It is a beautiful November day. I walked out with a Peacock blue shawl, thinking the day cool and found within minutes I was carrying it on my arm.
I attended a service at the Church my friends attend. The sermon was wonderful and I enjoyed the hymns. I'm going to call later in the week and ask if I may come in and take pictures for my blog, A Jew With a View. The inside is amazing. I reconnected with my friends; it had been so long since we'd seen each other. Turns out the Church is starting an outreach to military wives and families. Something that is truly needed in this area.
Now that I'm home, I am planning a quick lunch and then getting down to the busniess of cleaning my house. One of the disadvanges of not having children, I don't have little ones for whom I need to keep myself and the home together for. I have to remind myself I have to take care of me, for G-d, for my beloved, for myself. And that included our home.
And it is a beautiful day for it; the Sunday is high and warm, there is a nice, soft breeze. A good day to draw back the curtains and open the windows.
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