Wednesday, 4 November 2009

We have a New Governor, Virginia

Boka Tov:
We are knew before the Polls closed that Mr. Robert MacDonnell would be our next Governor.
Frankly, Mr. Deeds handed him the Keys to the office; he really just laid back until a few months ago and then came out as an attack dog.
Too little. Too late.
And while I thought and think that Mr. Donnell is the best man for the job, I am not so bold as to declare that G-d has returned to Virginia.
Follks, He has always been here, just as He is in every state. Just as He is in every corner of the world. If you  would but open your eyes; you shall Him. He is in China. True, the Chinese believers don't have the freedoms we enjoy. But allow me to point out that there are more Christians in china than there are in the Untied States?
If Mr. Deeds had won the election, G-d is still G-d. He is still in control. He works through He wills.
After all there was once occasion he spoke to a man of G-d through a Jack-Ass.
And He still uses them.
We are commanded to pray for our leaders, not whine and complain that "our religious freedoms are being stripped away."
Again I point to the likes of Moses, Daniel, Yeshua Himself and His followers.
 And I don't mean: "Oh G-d throw the bums out." But for wisdom to govern those in their charge. To be just to all. Yes, as critzens we not only have the right, but also the duty to know about those wishing to lead this nation. I also believe people of faith should not only know what the issues of the day are, but be involved. We need more Mick HuckaBees, Mitt Romeys and Sarah Palin. And they need to be up, not only for the task, but to have their noses bloody because for the most part, Media isn't very kind to people of faith.
But what troubles me that the devotion, the passion I see that truly belongs to G-d is going to the likes of Mr.Bush, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Palin and to political parties.
We seem to forget: we are traveling through. This world is not our home. It is the Messiah, not us through the Polls that will bring in the Kingdom of G-d.
I find it funny that folks of all political strips claim Yeshua is on their side. Just the other day I saw a bummer sticker that read: "Jesus rode the back of a donkey, not an elephant." Now I have to admit that was pretty good.
But I what I am reminded of one is one my faovite stories in The Bible.
In the book of Joshua, chapter five, the Hebrews had just cross the Jordan into the land G-d promised (thus the Promised Land) and facing new battles.
When Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in His hand. Joshua went up to him and asked, "Are you for us or for our enemies?" "Neither," He replied, "but as Commander of the army of the L-RD I have now come."
When Yeshua shows up, He doen't take Politcal Party sides, He takes over. The question isn't, " is Who's side is G-d on, but are we on His."
Go ahead and throw stones; their great for my rose garden.
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