Sunday, 1 November 2009

A Good Night For Coco

How many care one losses when one decides not to be something, but someone.
Coco Chanel

Lailia Tov;
It has been a quiet day.
I orderded a small pizza and that should hold me the next few days.
It has been a cold, windy, rainly day and if it hadn't been so messy outside, it would have been an excellent day to go shopping for Chili fixings.
No cheese.
It's that Kosher thing.
So I am waiting for the water to boil for Hot Coco, place in the DVD another movie and relax for the evening.
I have to remind myself Mark isn't calling the next few weeks.
No news is good news.
I still have several of his messages. So I shall listen to them, so that I can hear my beloved's voice.
The first of two afghans is shaping up nicely. I think my friend will like it.
Like Corrie Ten Boone, I pray as I do handwork. Right now I pray for Baby Sarah, asking G-d's favorite and grace with each stitch. That an early age she shall see His Face, Hear His Voice and know His love.
Ah, the kettle is boiling.
Rest well all.
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