Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Lailia Tov;
I am taking a break from preparing for tomorrow to share some of my thoughts on Thanksgiving.
I love this time of the year. Oh not the weather, but the quiet that begins to settle upon the earth. I think of late Autumn and Winter as Shabbat for the earth; so that she may also sleep, she may also rest.
People become reflected this time of the year; looking back over the past twelve months and looking to see what changes they would like to make in the coming year.
But for the Jew, we have already done that. The month of Ehud falls between August and September. This is the last month of the Jewish year. The month is used to reflect over our deeds and the beginning of the time of repentence.  Our New Year (Rosh HaShanna) begins at the same time we start to bring the harvest. It is also the beginning of the Days of Awe leading to the Day we stand before G-d. Then a week later, it is Sukkah, rejoicing in the hravest and the blessings G-d has brought in our lives.
In fact, our modern Thanksgiving is model after Sukkah; the thanksgiving feast.
I always find it interesting when folks try to divorce the biblical meaning to this day. The Pilgrims, who model their lives are the Children of Isreal, chose to follow their example to give thanks to G-d for all He has done.
And will do
In our home on this day, there is no Football. It is a Day given to G-d and Family. For the sharing of stories, playing games, enjoying the blessing of our table and talking to family in Ohio, South Carolina, Montanta and Afganistan.
So to all of my beloved friends and family who read this blog, May the Holy Bless you richly and Happy Thanksgiving.
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