Tuesday, 10 November 2009

NaBloPoMo: Healthcare

After reading and hearing about the Healthcare Bill, I decided to add my two cent.
I come from another point of view.
As a single parent, we lived on Welfare for several years, that included Medicaid.
Medicaid was created July 30, 1965 to meet the needs of low income and poor families.
Hower,  poverty alone does not necessarily qualify an individual for Medicaid. It is estimated that approximately 60 percent of poor Americans are not covered by Medicaid.
Like many insurers, Medicaid has services they do not cover. And like insurers, there have been times my doctors had to fight to the services me or my son needed.
 There were doctors that wouldn't even touch a Medicaid patient; the reimbursement is poor at best. As one of my former doctors told me: he just couldn't allow to take care of Medicaid patients
 And in some cases the care is poor. In fact, I almost lost my life if it wasn't for another doctor stepping in. The reason? The first doctor didn't take the time to run the test needed. In his words, "medicaid patients aren't worth it." My doctor referred me to another for the operation I needed. This doctor performed the needed operation for free, so upset he was about about my treatment by of his own.
Not don't get me wrong, I had some very fine doctors and fine Social Workers. But it is government run. And if you have ever dealt with the government.....
I have also been in Public Housing and have nightmare stories as well. That which was suppose to make sure every person has a home, makes one jump through hoops to get an apartment. Again, because of the poor reimbursement, many landlords will not enroll in the HUB program.
Once I got off welfare and started my own busniess, I began one of those 60 percent who could not get medicaid.
So I had the choice of no insurance ( I have asthmas, not an option) or find another means. The medical school here in my city has a low income clinic where I could pay a small fee and be seen. There was also Satate and Local care that covers such things as a visit to the ER or an operation. But that's if there is money for the services.
This year, there is no money.
Several years ago, I was able to get insurnace and now, being married to Mark, I am covered.
But I know what it is like to have the "Public Option." I know what it is like to have the government as your father and husband, telling you what you can and cannot do, where you can and cannot live. An like the rebellious teen straining at the bit, break off the lead and get out on my own.
My advise to Mr. Obama, to Congress, to the House, would be to expland the programs that you already have. Make it easier for the 60 percent of Americans to obtain Medicaid. Pay Healthcare providers better.
But then again, why would anyone listen to me? I'm just a bitter old white man who's mad because their party lost the election.
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