Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Week That Was

Lailia Tov:
As you can see from the above, this is the aftermath of the Nor'Easter that blew through a few weeks ago.

I actually took a picture of this tree a few days before the storm. This tree, like some many here in Ghent, was over one hundred years old. This tree, along with another at the corner, blocked off the street. That's its root in the picture above.
We are still cleaning up.
If you read the last entry, you knew I had a mini crisis during this time.
A time of tears and fighting fear. Crying out to G-d and wondering if He heard me or even cared.
There are many who would question my "lack of faith" or my "failing to trust G-d."
But I am reminded of the Song Book, Psalms. There are hundreds of songs and prayers crying out to G-d such as I did and in the end, G-d meets them, just as He met me.
As I laid in my bed Thrusday night, I realize what I was going through was pure hell. This is what Hell is like; cut-off from everyone, from light and life, sound and touch. Even the face of G-d.
A place I do not wish ever to go.
But the next evening, as I crawled into the warm, sweet smelling bed in the guest bedroom of mum and dad, this is heaven. It is light and life, surrounded by people who love you.
And it is warm!
Since Dad allowed me to use his computer, I was leave a message for Mark that I was home with his folks. I was so tired that the first time he called my cell-phone, I slept through the first ring and by the time I realize the phone was ringing the second time, he'd rung off when I answered.
But he finally got through and was relieved to know I was safe and with his parnets.
I stayed with mum and dad until Monday. By then, the lights were back on and the heat was on by that evening. I had gone to church with them that Sunday. It was good to see old friends.
I truly loved being with mum and dad. They showered me with love and I truly felt I was home and welcomed.
I confessed to both mama Jordan and mum Reel my meltdown that thrusday night, friday morning. Both lovingly assured me that given the circumstances, they could see how one could react as I did and it wasn't a lack of faith. It was a holding onto what I knew to get me through.
Lessons learned?
Keep a flashlight in the house (Mark took our with him)
Keep plenty of C batteries.
Keep my over night bag packed.
Stock up on Wine Coolers.
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