Saturday, 31 October 2009

Waiting For the Phone to Ring

Lailia Tov:

I confess; it's a tough night. I am sitting here, working on this entry, debating between a bowl of ice cream or a cup of coffee.
Waiting for the phone to ring.
So many of my friends are taking the kiddos to Church or Temple Harvest Parties. For some, this is the first time their little darling has been dressed as Dragons, Winnie the Pooh or Queen Esther, enjoying Apple Cider and Pumpkin shaped cookies.

They shall take part in custom parades, hear Bible Stories and even ride the rides and play games based on Biblical themes.

No Treat ot Tricking? Oh those poor kids!

Really? Children dressed not as demons, witches, thieves (that is what a pirate is, you know) and such, not out begging for candy, but in safe, healthly surroundings, with family, friends and fun and these kids are poor?


We have one Christian Ranch that has Hayrides on this night. The Barn right now in full swing with dancing and laugher.

And not one craved Pumkin dropping his pants or losing his lunch in sight.

I remember years ago, one of the little ones in my nursey class was telling her friend about the Harvest party her Temple would be holding.

Another Sukkah party. Hannah called it.

She was right. Sukkah is a Autumn Feast. Thanksgiving is based on Sukkah. Wisely, Churches and Temples around the country have taken a similiar view; the Harvest party is the alternative to a Halloween one.
I was one of those Holy Than Thou mums who did not allow her son to trick or teat. In fact, my son's friends wanted to attend the Harvest parties.
They thought the Church party was more fun
I still like to go.
But tonight, it is hard.
I had hoped that our dream was coming true: a baby.
But this morning......

So I sit here, trying not to be jealious of my friends who are preggiers and out with their families this evening.

Trying not to hate because their husbands are holding their hands and my is holding blueprints to a future school.

And then I smile. Mark called this afternoon. A nice surprise.

He wanted to hear my voice before he went to sleep.

He said he would call me later today (it would be my bedtime) and sing me to sleep.

Waiting for the phone to ring.

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