Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Birds Have Returned

Boker Tov;
While the tree just outside our bedroom window hasn't begun to blossom, the birds have returned.
This morning, just as the sun was rising, I heard the birds singing.
I just laid there for awhile, enjoying their song.
Ah Spring.
Today I start preparing for Passover. I haven't decided about inviviting folks over. While it would be a good idea, both my doctor and Mark have caution me about doing too much, too soon.
So I shall play it by ear.
The bedroom needs to be dusted and then the bathroom will recieve a going over. It's tiny, so it won't take long. Since the weather is nice, I am also opening the windows.
Then to the little Shul. I need to dust, put away books and tidy up the desk.
That's the beauty of list....
As I write this, I smell the coffee that just finish brewing and eyed the menorah that needs cleaning and polishing.
Menorahs added to the polish list.
But I don't plan to work all day. The weather remain lovely and I do intend to go for a walk this aftenoon.
With my cell-phone in me pocket.
After all, I just might get a call from Afghanistan.
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