Monday, 15 March 2010

Nothing Like a Good Cup of Coffee

Boker Tov;
Well, I am sitting here at the Dinning-room table, with my coffee mug a safe distrance from the keyboard.
Yes, this is the second morning I have gotten to enjoy a cup of coffee with cream.
Usually, while recovering from an asthma attack, Asthmatic must stay away from dairy, because of the mucus that builds up along the windpipes and lining of one's lungs. Black cup actually helps with the imflamation and helps calm the body so one can begin to breath freely once more.
The fact that I am able to enjoy my coffee with my international creamer (white mocha) I am on that slow road of recovery and able to truly forcus on one of my favorite Holy Days, Passover.

It is a grey day (or is it gray? this is one of those areas I get mixed up) in Norfolk. I awoke with an idea for a photo prject, but I need to finish a few I have ongoing.
I learned that lesson with death of a friend's husband.
Just before we were married, a friend took Mark's old laptop and worked on it. Returned it no problem. 
Then he my old ( and today it would be really be old) computer to work on it. Mark allowed me to use his Laptop.
Well, we were married. No computer.
We heard reason upon reason for the delate.
No computer.
We offereed to where he lived and pick it up. He would bring it to us.
The next thing we heard a couple was thanking him for the new computer.
I have this feeling it was my old unit.
By this time Mark have brought me a Laptop for my birthday (I now have two). All I wanted was the information, the pictures that were on the old unit.
We never got an answer.
Even once in a while the thought of the old computer crosses my mind; maily because of the study notes and pictures that I no longer have..
Mark and I tried to reslove the matter with this person.
No go.
This person has since died.
While none of us know when our last day shall be, I do not plan to go into the Presense of G-d with my work undone.
I can not help if some people will have be left with a bad memory of me, but at least I can try to mend those fences, I can leave this world a little better place and know when I go to heaven, my friends, my family will have no doublt that is where I shall be.
But I'm not planning on that trip for a very long time.
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