Monday, 22 March 2010

The Health Bill: My View

Boker Tov:
 I start with a statement from a friend who sums up my own feelings:
LaMonte Odums: We speak of legislation passed that seemed illegal and immoral, but what Obama did is in no way different from what Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, and Nixon have done. We have forgotten about this because we have become more focused on Democrat or Republican titles and less on Christian/Child of God titles. People get out the television and get on your knees. We did this not any politician!!!

Having said that, I do hope and pray now that this Bill has passed, it will indeed be a help to those who truly need it.
For those who have not heard this before, I have been on both sides of this issue. When I was growing up, most people didn't have health insurance, either they couldn't afford it or they didn't need it.
My mum, a single parnet could not afford health insurance, until she went to work for the State House in Mass and then for the first time in our lives, there was health coverage.
By this time I was a single parnet, living on Welfare and recieving Food Stamps (that did not-do not cover the month) Medciad and Public Housing.
Once the Government gets into your bed, it is like getting roaches to get it out. The Government is not the greatest husband and it took many years for me to get a divorce. Welfare is a modern form of Slavery; it keeps the soul down and it takes a strong will and an act of G-d to break the cycle.
11 years ago I broke my ankle while performing in a Passion Play. My job offered no health insurance. My church paid not only for the medical bills, but help to support me until I was back on my feet.
The Amish live by the same moral code.
But my doctor informed of a program that was setup for people like me. And until I married Mark, this is how my medical needs were met. And the care was wonderful.
Frankly, both Mark and I would be hard press to get health coverage if he wasn't in the Mililarty. Mark is a cancer survivor; I have asthma and mild High Pressure. For two months we were without healthcare and my medication alone was close to what we paid in rent. Many companies turned us down cold, others, the cost would be as high as our rent, if not higher.
Therefore, I am not some cold, heartless person who wishes to see the poor die in the streets because they don't have health coverage. I am just not sure this Bill voted in yesterday is the way to go.
The other thing that has bothered me is how Americans have acted and treated each other over this issue. I watched Fox News and was sicken by the way Americans on both sides behavored. And to call someone the N Word or ugly names because they are gay was out of line and uncalled for.
Far worse, people of faith have put their faith in the GOP, The Dems and The Tea Party and forgotten Who it is they are to bow the knee to. Yes, the govenment works for us and yes, good critzens are involved in the care of their nation. But we are "in the world, but not part of it." This world is not our home, but we are passing through.
I think people of faith forgotten that.
Otherwise we would spend more time on our knees in prayer and less time protesting. G-d is Sovereign: He is still in control.
And I have to get ready for Passover.
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