Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Rush For The Lamb

Boker Tov:
It is a beautiful, sunny St. Patrick's Day and I am hopeful to get out for some fresh air.
My voice is coming back stronger and stronger and I am feeling even 50% better than I did over the weekend. I see the doctor tomorrow and I think she shall be pleased with my improvements. I am still taking my medication and following doctor's orders, but thanks for your prayers.
Tomorrow, after I see the doctor, I need to go a search for the lamb.
This year, the celebration of the Resurrection of Messiah is the 4th April. And this year, applies to the western calendar (Catholic and Protestant Churches), also  applys to the The Eastern Orthodox church. This is an unusual event since the two branches of Christianity have different methods for calculating the correct date for Resurrection Day. There are only a few years each century when the Resurrection dates match like this so 2010 is seen as extra special.
And because  like Sephardic Hebrews, Greek Orthodox serve lamb, the rush will be on for lamb this year. We have a large Greek Orthodox community here and the heat is on :)
Because my Passover dishes, cuttery and pots are still in storage, I will be using plastic and buying a few new pots.While I hate the idea of plate, the one good thing is clean up. And since it is just me, might as well as keep it simple as possible.
Though knowing me, I might hit the trift store for a simple dinning service.
Hey, what can I say? I like things nice. And if I am going to keep the High Holy Day, I want my table to look nice.
To many, this sounds vain.
However, consider:
When the Temple was destroyed, Hebrew Home, the Hebrew Heart became the temple. Our homes are viewed as the very Holy Place of G-d. That is why we had the special dishes, foods, blessings, etc. It isn't just our castle, but G-d's. Most High Holy Days are held in the home and that is why so much attention is given to the care of our homes, our families, our marriages.
G-d created a beautiful world for His creation; us. We in turn, wish our homes, our lives, to reflect that same beauty.
That isn't a hebrew thing or a religious thing.
It's a human thing.
May your day be a beautiful one.
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