Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Lailia Tov:
Well it is leftover this evening.
The rest of the matzah ball soup, some matzah and a glass of wine.
I never get tired of matzah ball soup. I guess because the recipe I use, my come out nice and light and fluffy, not heavy. And I have different stocks I can use. I found a wnderful veggie stock last year. And this year, onion soup. Onion soup with whole wheat matzah balls is amazing.
Tonight, however, tonight is my favorite, chicken soup.
Tomorrow's supper will be an adventure. While shopping last week, I found a Passover Pizza.
Now this should be interesting. I have salad fixings and salmon on hand just in case
It is one of the beauties of Passover; one becomes very creative.
I doublt the hebrews had kosher pizza on the way to the Promise Land.
No time to make goat cheese.
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