Sunday, 14 March 2010

Preparing to Leave Egypt

Boker Tov;:
Before I begin, I would ask all my readers to pray for my friend Beth, author of the blog Nutwood Junction. Her father had a massive stroke and hard choices have had to be made. Having faced this with my own mother ten years ago, (in our case, mother has gone to live another ten years) I know what first hand the emotions Beth is going through and I am asking all who know Beth, even if you don't, please prayer for her, her dad, mum, hubby and sisters.

I can honesty say I am beginning to feel better. I am not wheezing as much and while I hate having to take all of this medication, it is for a short time and it is appearing to be working. The compact Nebizler is awesome, just sits on a nearby table with the rest of my medication.
I made even try a cup off coffee this morning.

It is a beautiful sunny moning. I haven't opened the door, so it could be chilly. Either way, it is still pretty.
Soon, it shall be Spring.
I shall be able to open the window and let all the winter air out and the spring in.
It is also time to prepare for Passover.
In a few days it will be the Hebrew month of Nissan.
Already, many a hebrew home, the house is being clean, preparing for this grand celebration. In fact, if I haven't sick, my would be well on the way as well.
This is the time that with a Stronge Arm, The Holy One kept that long made promise to free the hebrews of their bonds and bring them back to the Land He had Promised them.
Because the Delieverance was sudden in one night, there was no time for the bread to rise. Because yeast (leaven) is spoken of in Torah as sin, all of the leavn was to be removed from the house as well. They were to eat the lamb, roasted with spring greens, dressed and ready to leave.
It was a Night to Remember always.
Today, we continue to remember this night, this is a teaching time for our children and all who wish to know how this Holy Day fits into their own faith. It is now a meal of Freedom and Rejoicing.
For once we were slaves, but now we are free.
Once we ate in haste, now, we relax, enjoy and remember.
And we pray. We pray for all who still long for freedom, the freedoms we as a Holy people and yes, even Americans enjoy.
This year, with a break of tradition because Mark isn't here, we will not have a Sedar. I hope to be well enough to attend one. But I will as my strenght returns, will prepare our home for this holy time. It is truly holy, because we are "cleaning our homes and our bodies" of the sins that have crept in during the year.
I opened the back door; it is very pretty outside.
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