Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Making A List, Checking it Twice

This morning was cloudly and yucky.
But this afternoon the sun is out.
I had a visitor; a dear friend who brought soup, tea and juice. I am able to handle more than sop these days. We even had a cup of coffee together.
My voice is still raspy, but it is coming back.
I cleaned the bedroom today, the only thing left is to dust and then it is ready for Passover.
Next is the bathroom and then the study.
Yes, I am taking it slow and easy, refusing to stress. It is a time of celebration and joy. Yes, much is to be done, but there is indeed joy in the preparations.
So I am making my list: cleaning list, shopping list and checking it twice. Making sure bases are covered and I enjoy this blessed time.
Mark is preparing for Passover in Afghanistan as well. He has his shank bone and the rabbi from Fort Dix is gone ahead to prepare the place where the Hebrew soldiers will celebrate Passover.
The unit has recieved the pre-made meals for the Hebrew soldiers, kosher for Passover, for they can observe the Passover and the seven days that follow.
OK, Laini, what does that mean?
Well, during Passover we do not eat anything with leaven. That means, breads and any other baked goods that uses yeast. Today there are wonderful bakery goods that we enjoy and one wouldn't believe it was actully a Passover cake or cookie (in the past, these products were known to have no taste) This includes no pasta (i.e no cous-cous). It is a pure, fresh diet. And depending on your tradition, no rice, corn or beans. In our traditon (Sephardic) corn, rice and beans are permitted. But since most of our friends aren't Sephardic, we tend to keep things simple, so we can fully enjoy this time with those we love.
In a few days I have a doctor's appointment, so I will stop and order my lamb. It is going to feel so strange celebrating Passover without my beloved by my side. Our first Passover apart.
But I also know G-d will see me through this, like He has everything esle.
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