Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Day of Rest

Laili Tov;
It has been a quiet day.
I am about to enjoy a cup of tea and then a breathing treatment.

I spend the day sleeping. The cough medication that my doctor ordered has arrested the cough and I could truly sleep most of the day.
I did awake, having to vomit earlier in the morning, the steiod made me sick to my stomach, but after that, I was able to sleep, really sleep, getting much needed sleep today.

It is said that good health is a gift. And how true that is. Having asthma all of my life, I can tell you first have how precious each breath is.
I never smoked a day in my life; my mother had asthma and it was passed onto me.
An asthma attack is a lot like drowning or being choked; one cannot breath and is fighting for every breath. Part of the treatment is calming the patient down and relaxing so that the medication can work.
Being an active person, it is difficult to be still and allow the medication to do its thing, but be still I must. I know that G-d is working through this; teaching me to slow down, take better care of myself and to listen to the still small Voice which is He.
I am once again enjoying the quiet of my home, trusting Mark is safe and even feeling well enough to to start picking the house back up.

Mark called about an half an hour ago. He is now in Afghanistan, arriving last evening. After a good night sleep and speaking to me, he is now about to get to his work.
I was reminded of a saying a few days ago, I believe I shall make it one of my life statements, but I added a line to it:
You can complain that the roses has thorns.
Or you can be thankful that the thorns has roses.
I prefer to thank and praise the One Who made the rose bush.
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