Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Who Says G-d Doesn't Have a Sense of Humour?

It has been indeed an interesting Passover.
Around 3pm, I realize no one was coming to fix the light, so I called the rental office, leaving another message. I calle again and this time the office was closed. Well now I was mad. I needed to get into my kitchen! The above is how I worked; by candlelight. But the kitchen was still not kosher until the workers had done the work needed to be done.
The building manger called right back and when I explained I had called Friday and expected someone Monday and Passover was four hours away, he got right to work.
@ 4:50 I recieved a call; one of the maintance guys would be over in a few minutes, but he didn't have a ladder. No problem I told him, I have a step-ladder.
By 5:15 the lights in the kitchen was fixed. Just as he was leaving, another maintance worker showed up. It seems he got my message and came over just as the other guy finished. At that time another worker showed up to work on my lights; with a ladder.
By 5:30 I was mopping my floor and finishing my preparations for Passover.
When I ws single and celebrated Passover, I had a Passover Setting  Everything from Dollar Tree. The plate had a Palm Tree pattern, the glass, grapes. 
 A few days ago, I remember where I put the dish and after for Passover, set my table with things from the past.

I also decided to take a page from my african ancestry; the hebrews of africa did not and do not use a Haggadah, but use the Torah it, since the order is right there. In Africa, places like In Ethiopia, the Jewish culture was very strong Orthodox. Their customs followed the rules and rituals laid out in the Torah, and are in line with Judaism practiced during the time of Moses. This is because many Ethiopian Jews believe they are descendants of Moses, since his wife was Ethiopian and his relatives separated from the rest of the Israeli tribes after leaving Egypt. Others believe that they are descendants of Menelik I, the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Many african who are not Ethiopian believe this also. The Seder is very similar to any other. The theme is freedom and the story of Moses is told in celebration of their freedom from slavery in Egypt. Like other Jews, Ethiopian Jews avoid leavened and grain-based food, and use special Passover dishes untouched by such foods. However, Ethiopian , like Sephardic Jews, do not forbid legumes during Passover, but they abstain from eating fermented milk products like yogurt, butter or cheese.
I chose to follow this example; of following the order from the Torah. It made the evening more personal. There was a soft, holy feel as I remembered how G-d "saw the Blood and Passovered us." Bringing us out with a Mightly Strong Arm.
Today is the first day of Unleaven bread. Today, the hebrews left Egypt, their first steps of freedom. And they ate unleaven bread.

And for the next seven so do we.
Right now I am about to enjoy a bowl of Matzah ball soup. I do have pictures as well as the story of Mark's Seder in Afghanistan.
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