Friday, 19 March 2010

Got the Lamb

Hang in there, Laini. I keep telling myself that pain and sadness doesn't last forever; it will pass if we ride it out.
Hugs, Beth

First, thank you Beth. I know what a tough time you and your family are through and you are in my prayers.
Beth is right about riding out the storm.  And knowing that G-d is in the boat with me.
After my coffee, I did pick up the lamb and the rest of the things for Shabbat.
The sunshine felt good upon my face and it is actually warmer than I thought it would be. Close to 70.
I watched a man pick out flowers for his wife. A little girl carrying a large bottle of orange juice and placing it in the shopping cart. All the wonderful items for Passover and Dave, who manges the Kosher section told me that the rest of his Passover orders will be in next week.
There was a sale on strawberries, blackberries and blueberries and I brought a pint of each. They will be nice for dessert this evening and breakfast in the morning.
Depress, yes. But taking Beth's advise, I am holding on and riding it out.
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