Thursday, 25 March 2010

Getting My Hands Dirty

During this Passover/Spring cleaning season, as I was cleaning the Middle-Eastern room, I realize I had several empty plant pots. So after watering the lone plant, I decided to throw out the old soil  and start fresh and new.
Now I have nice and clean, freshly soil plant pots just waiting for new plants. So after I pick up the Challah tomorrow, I shall look for a few new little plants that would like a new home.
Besides, it is Spring; time for more green indoors.
I spoke to Mark last night. He is doing well. Has several projects, as always, that he is working on. I told him about his Passover Carepackage that I am mailing tomorrow morning, so he can be watching out for its arrival.
He says the weather is rather nice and it is starting to turn from dull grey to alive green, which is lifting everyone's spirits. The kosher meals for Passover have arrived and he says he has no idea what these meals are going to look like, let alone taste like. So he is thrilled that I am sending him his favorites to go along with what the army has issued the hebrew soldiers.
I also promised to make him matzah ball soup and lamb chops when he comes home.
So, I need to get back to work. A joy really.
A friend is coming over to pick up some cookies I made and share a cup of coffee with me. I am looking for to day.
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