Friday, 12 March 2010

My Life

Many years ago a friend of my, who has since passed away from Cancer, use to look at me, shake his head and say: "Your life."
I have a feeling Philip is in heaven, shaking his head, even now.
So I have seem my doctor this morning.
I have taken 480mg of prednisone in one week's time.
And lost four pounds.
So my doctor is continuing the streiod treatment, plus ordering an two oral inhalers, anitibolic, a cough medication and a compact Nebulizer system.
One problem. Someone forgot to order the medication for the Nebulizer.
So the on-call doctor put in the order, but I might not get it until tomorrow morning.
Like I'm going anywhere.
So I have Mark's homemake chicken soup for Shabbat along with some Challah I brought. No wine, but grape juice. But it is the fruit of the vine. Pushing lots of fluilds and hopefully with the new medication, a good night sleep.
I just wish Mark was here.
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