Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Passover Care Package.

This afternoon the weather was lovely. In the 70's. But still a slight chill.
I went all for a few things and...well, you know how it sometimes go.....
I ahead and did most of my Passover/Shabbat shopping, though I do have to pick up Challah tomorrow.
While shopping, I went ahead and picked up some Passover goodies for Mark since when he recieves this box, it will be the Feast of Unleaven bread.
Mark love Almond Macaroons. This brand, Shabtai Gourment is one I found several years ago. It is hard to believe that these macaroons which are gluten, lactose, casein, soy and dairy frre taste so good. But they do.

This is a macaroon, firuit and chocolate plate. Yummy.
Yes truffies are kosher.
I added some dried fruits and dates. Of course it will also contain several love letters from "his pookie" as well as a few Passover cards. Enough for Mark to share the High Holy Days with his fellow soldiers and still enjoy a sweet taste of home.
I didn't sleep well last night and plan to turn in early.
All and all it has been a very good day. The only thing that would make it better is a card from Mark.
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