Sunday, 28 March 2010

Taking A Break

Man, it has been a busy day.
I am so thankful so such a beauitful sunny day to clean. The sunshine was so bright, it lighten up our kitchen, which frankly is rather dark. During the Spring and Summer I leave the back door open for the light.
So tomorrow I have to wait for the guys to come and change the light bulb.
Last night, just after Shabbat ended, I went into the kitchen to do a final sweep of cookies, cakes, bread, etc. And just as I threw on the light switch, the light bulb went out.
Now you have to understand, we live in a building that is over one hundred years old. And that means the light fixtures are tricky. While the last time Mark was able to change the bulb with no problems, even with a step ladder the fixture was too high and the screws too tight for me to reach and undo. Plus the danger of my falling was too real from being so high up. So I have to wait until Maintiance comes tomorrow to take care of it.
That's fine. However, we have one, slight problem.
Tomorrow is Passover!
This means I cannot mop my kitchen floor and anything they touch I have to wipe down again so that the kitchen is kosher for Passover meal preparations.
Who said this was going to be a drama free Passover?
Anyway, all of the foods we are not permitted to eat is now out of the house. What was open, I either used or threw away.
What wasn't open, I gave to my upstaairs neighors for thier use. It is a custom to sell our leaven, but I rather give it to the Food Bank or to someone who could really use the food.
Well, break time over. Heading for the main stetch.
The Dinningroom.
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