Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Come On People! Book Review

I have finally finished Bill Cosby's book, Come On People. Not because I am a slow reader, but it is such a good read and I wanted to take it in slowly.
I will get right to the point: many people of colour don't like to hear what Mr. Cosby has to say. He is quite clear: stop with the excuses and let's get on with fixing our comminuty.
Yes, all people could and can benefit from his words. But they are aimed where he needs to: his people.
Folks, we sit our children in front of the TV anf expect it to babysit, yes even teach our children. TV wisely used is a fine tool and source of education and enterianment.
But it isn't you.
Teachers are doing the best they can with what they have. But it isn't their job to raise your child. Rolemodel, teach, yes. Baby sit no.
And shame on those parents who ALLOW their child(ren) to disrespect thier teachers!
Our children are looking up to Rap and Sports stars, thinking they are the ticket. But few are going to make it in either field. Not to say don't try.
But get an education as well. Learn the in and outs of busniess so you have and own your busniess. Become educators and doctors, lawyers, chiefs, peace officers and the military is a fine career.
Drug dealers. I never thought about it, but the only rich drug dealers you see are in the movies.
Most drug dealers are still living at home with their mamas. Their wages are lower than what you canmake flipping burgers. And you spend your day speaking to who: Crack Heads and Junkies. If you live to middle age, you will spend time in jail and still at 40's, 50's, 60's still be living at home with mama.
Thank you, Mr. Cosby for having the gutss to say what has been needed to say.
I recommend this to all and if you know a young family of colour, place this book in the parnets hands.
You just might save a family
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