Thursday, 18 March 2010

Waiting For The Lamb

Well, the doctor's visit went great.
I have been taken off the Nebulizer and the streiod. The Asmanex inhaer I am to continue taking in the evening due to the fact we are now in pollen season. I see the doctor again in two months (May). I planned it a week before my trip. It is hopeful that I will able to use my recuse inhaler as needed.
The doctor was so pleased with how I turned around. She had wondered if she had done the right thing in sending me back home in the first place. But it turned out to be the right call.
And I even lost another four pounds :)
So, now it is time to turn my thoughts and attention to getting my back files back on my Laptop and getting ready for Passover.
I am going to ask my upstairs neighor to help me with the computer; he is good and I can make Will and his girlfriend cookies.
Start getting the leaven out.
While out yesterday, I noticed there was no lamb in the kosher department. But the store manger assured me that he should have some for me by tomorrow.
I am reconsidering having a home Sedar. I several single friends and I think it might be kinda of cool to have some friends over.
Mark would tell me to slow down. So, I'll give it a few days and see how I feel, then decide what I'll do.
It is so pretty outside.
Think I'll take another walk.
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