Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Answers :)

I arrvied early for my appointment since Mark had to be on the other side of town. Very early; one hour and a half early. And of course I was seen right away.
Well, I have my answers;
the shading we saw on the x-rays are what I thought: arthritis. I have some light arthritis in the right hip. And if I hadn't had that drug reaction, I would have gone on my merry way until things got worse so that a hip replacement would have been needed. This way, since we now know what the problem is, I am to continue Physical Therapy I can fully return to my to stenghten the muscles and the joint itself. No trend mill, bike or Stair Master yet. Not until the muscles are healed and builded back up.
So, soon I will be putting the crutches back into the closet and back out walking and dancing.
So with that bit of news, I hung about the clinic, trying to stay awake while sewing. I did get a lot done.
An interesting place, Boone Clinic. They no longer have an Acute Walk In, now you have to make an appointment. And because of our insurance, we have to be seen on base.
Interesting watching different folks coming in and out; active duty, retirees, mums and dads in umiform bringing in their sick little ones. They had just finished decorating the Christmas tree (white lights) and begun hanging Christmas stockings, bringing holiday cheer.
If there are any Scoorges about, I didn't see them.
Mark had told me earlier during his prayer time, he felt I was going to get good news, that my hip will be healed soon.
I give thanks to G-d for His healing touch.
And thank you, all who prayed and gave me words of encouragement. It meant more than you know.
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