Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Slowly Recovering

Well, I survivor the night. though Mark had to turn on the heating pad about 2a.m for my leg.
Today, I almost called and canceled because I was in so much pain. But the only way to get through this is to push through. Part of it was a nice hot shower and the other, the medication. By breakfast time, I felt I could face the day.
My physical therapist went easy on me today, knowing what I had to face with x-ray.
What we are looking for is called Aseptic necrosis. This is a rare side affect to having been on steroids for a long time. In my case, this would be for the several years of steroid use for asthma and then a month ago a very high doseage to remove nasal polps. Aseptic necrosis causes an insufficient blood flow to the hip, causing bone death. This would mean a hip replacement.
From first glance of the x-rays, this doesn't look like the case; the ball hasn't collasped and still in place. We will know fully when the reports are in. We are hopeful that this is muscle-tissue damage that can be repaired with P.T.
So, today after the stretchs, I walked one end of the clinic to the other. The aim. To get me off the crutches.
My muscles were tight, so I had a nice hot pack (hot the hot packs) and then rested until Mark came to take me home.
I'd had one of Mark's yummy grill cheese sandwiches and now ready for a nap.
I plan for a nice long nap: Hanuakkah preparations begin this evening.
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