Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Samuel Moment

I awoke this morning in the worse pain I'd had in days. So into the shower I went. Ahhh nice hot water...
While taking my shower, Mark came in the bathroom and asked:'Yes?"
He thought that I had called him.
I hadn't.
So, back to making breakfast he went (yes, Mark makes breakfast and for the single ladies, no you can't clone him)
About ten mimutes later, here comes Mark again. "Yes? Did you call me?"
"No, dear."
Remembering my Torah studies, I called, "if you hear your name called again, I would say 'hinneh' (Behold)
"I am doing that right now." was his answer.
If you recall young Samuel was about seven years old when he too heard G-d calling his name. He was asleep and each time he heard his name, he went running to the High Priest Eli, thinking he was calling him. Eli wisely realize the L-rd was calling the boy. Often times, G-d will speak through a voice that is familiar to us.
So Eli told Samuel the next he the Voice, go into the Holy Place and say, "your servant is listening.
So Mark spend about 30 minutes in the Prayer Room as I prepared for the Day.
Mark came out, smiling. It was clear that indeed G-d wanted a few minutes with "his child." G-d wanted to assure Mark of His love for him and He was indeed guidinf his steps.
Yes, I know someone wonder if it was the 3a.m pizza speaking or what was in his cup of coffee. For G-d doesn't speak to people like this anymore. G-d doesn't speak. There is no G-d.
Are you sure?
Once an old rabbi was asked by one of his students, if G-d still speaks.
The rabbi answered: "Yes, The Holy One is always Speaking. The question isn't is The Holy One Speaking, but are you listening?'
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