Sunday, 21 December 2008

First Day of Winter

Boka Tov;

It is the first day of winter and it is fitting that it is a cold, rainy day. Mark is making eggs, cheese grits and coffee, then wil go shopping as I finish up for the First Night of Hanuakkah.

We are blessed to share this night tonight, having been apart last year. And will also have two families sharing the evening. Two new sisters from our congregation who have never celebrated Hanuakkah before. We are honoured to have them with us this year.

So, after Breakfast, I will matza balls for Matza ball soup.

Then finish setting up.

I have three wonderful Holiday CDs that I will start playing and until Mark get home with the rest of the things, work on Cookies.

A friend and former teacher is having a 'mommie moment'. She is one of the best dancer's I have ever seem or known. Now, her two daughers have followed in thier mothers footsteps and have being dancing in The Nutcracker this year.

So I need to go and find a NutCracker Cookie Cutter for the girls.

Yesterday, I did not use my crutches and had no pain until the evening. Today is the first day in about three days that I have had to take medication. I know the weather plays a part of it.

Well, breakfast is ready and my beloved is calling.

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