Tuesday, 30 December 2008

An OatMeal Morning

Boka Tov:

Well it is time again....putting away the things from Hanuakkah No This one of my flavorite times of the year, and it is sad to say goodbye. One of my Hanuakkah gifts from Mark was from a Winter Village figure. I love Winter Villages and left it to my beloved to start my cllection for me Soldier's Kiss

So I am taking down the decorations and cleaning the house to begin 2009.

PT is going well, though my muscles are stll shakly from Therapy yesterday. Mark is sleeping in. He needs the rest with what looking for a job, the holidays and taking care of me.
In fact, I told him to rest. Mark loves to cook and serve me breakfast.
This morning, I plan to turn the tables and make Laini's special Oatmeal.
Funny thing is, I hate oatmeal.

Pictures and stories of the Holiday forthcoming.

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