Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Chicken and Goats

Just received an e-mail from Kathi Mail Call!Supporting the Troops.
Seems their sending out Love to Iraq as well. Tom is the Baker in the family and has send home baked goods from their kitchen to Dustin.
I am so thankful for the men and women who do include our American heroes to their holiday list.
I am still in pain, but the Therapist says my muscles are beginning to loosen up a little. Both Leanne and Mark say I am beginning to walk better. I guess I don't see it yet. It just hurts. I am hoping to feel better soon since we need to start get ready for hanuakkah.
Mark's sister send us a lovely table wreath for the holidays. Its pine scent already fills the house. This year, Mark and I have already decided to give to World Vision in our family's names. They are people in the world who have greater needs than we do. We are so blessed. And we wish to bless others as G-d has so graciously blessed us.
My mum loves the idea of getting chicken.
I just hope my in-laws like goats.
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