Monday, 29 December 2008

Finally! Back Online

Shalom all:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday time. It is a great time to be with family and friends.

AOL has acted up so much the past four days we had to uninstall and then reinstall AOL so that I can get my e-mail. We took my baby (Laptop) to the Greek Squad to download all of my data before mailing off baby to the Computer Doctor. She should be home in a week or so. We even recieved an refund of almost half of what we paid to that the downloads, which was great. The Laptop I have been told should not cost as much as we have been told and we should get a refund there as well.

Today, more was added to my PT workout. Yes, it hurts like all get-out, but it is worth it.

Our Holidays have been awesome and I will be sharing about them within the next few days.

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