Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I Would Love a Do-Over

It has been a wonderful day, but I would a do-over.
If you are familiar with the game The Sims, you know if things go wrong, you can re-do the game by not saving.
Real life isn't like that.
This morning my arm hit my coffee cup and went all over the keyboard. Now half the keys don't work and we have to sent it back to the company to have it repaired. However, our warrity doesn't cover accidents, so we have to pay 419.00 to get my baby back up and running.
So, now I am using the Laptop I gave Mark to take to Iraq and he is trying to update the older laptop we have.
But it has for the most part been a happy Hanuakkah and once I get the pictures downloaded, I will post them.
The first night of Hanuakkkah we had two families join us. Mark and I made sweet pototoes latkahs and salmon cakes, served jelly dounuts and cheese cake. We each lit the lights and played dreid and of course told the story of Hanuakkah.
There were three girls, two teens and a little one, and all had so many questions. They were thrilled to realize they remembered so much from Mr.Howard's class.
But the best part: even with both sinks full of dishes and the kitchen needing cleaning, it was still good to share the evening with my beloved.
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