Thursday, 4 December 2008

Who Would You Invite and Why


There is a new journal I found and love. It is called She Writes. You Write. It is a delightful journal where the author daily ask a question, shares her thoughts on the subject and then invites the reader to add theirs. This is today:

So, taking a page from this journal I am playing along, but with a twist: you are preparing for the Holidays, and you could invite anyone you wish, living or dead, who would you invite?

First, I would need a bigger house!

Second I would chose to do this during Hanuakkah, which is in about three weeks.

I would invite my ancestors; made up of slave traders, slave owners and slaves, North and West Africans, Germans, Englishmen, Hebrews, Tapestry Makers, Sheep Herders, Missionaries and Rabbis so I could truly learn who I am and where I come from.

The world leaders. For one night, the leaders of our world have to sit together and enjoy Potato Pancakes, Salmon Cakes, CheeseCake (new york of course) and kosher wine, watching a black wife kinlde the holiday lights and her white husband bless the challah and the wine and tell the Hanuakkah story. One night the world will know world peace.

C.S.Lewis, love Narnia and have a ton of questions. Our greatest who taught his daughters Torah, Rashi

And last but never least, my J-Land friends. I finally get to see all of you face to face.

Who would you inivte?

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