Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Real Thing

It has been cold and rainy all day here in Norfolk. And it I must admit, it affected my mood.
I am truly thankful to learn that it is a slight case of arthritis and not Aseptic Necrosis, that with P.T. the muscles can be strengthen to support the site and I can on with the rest of my life.
But to be honest, when I awoke this morning, I was angry. Angry because I have been complaining for years of cramps in my upper thighs and hamstrings. All I have ever heard was 'drink more water' 'eat more bananas,' 'you have a mineral imbalance and you need X-Y and Z in your diet.' I have asked several times could it be my hip. The women of my family have large hips and all have suffered from arthritis in the hips. But in all cases by the time it is found they were all in wheelchairs. But each doctor said no; it is a mineral problem.
It took my Physical Therapist asking a series of questions to get to the root of the problem: it isn't my leg, but my hip. Most leg pain doesn't come from the leg but the back or the hip. It is a matter of finding out which is which.
So I was in a rotten mood. And it took the love of my beloved and my support of my Therapist to help me work through this.
Again, the condition was caught in time so I will not share in my aunts' fates. Being atherwise healthly works in my flavor as well as the desire to get my life back. After six weeks of Physical Therapy I can fully return to my activities.
We went to see my mum and she put it into a nutshell: "you two have gone through so much this years, it is no wonder you would feel depress at the moment. Just don't stay there."
Then, she handed Mark a StarBuck's gift card and told him to treat me to a Peppermint Mocha Latte with a Twist.

I am feeling much better. The weather does have a lot to do with how I feel.
But the dark cloud has lifted and I am once again counting my blessings. And not facing the Surgery Theater is on top of the list.
I am thankful that it took a medication reaction to lead me to Robert and Leann and they knew exactly what to do to find the answers.
That I had a doctor who agreed with the Therapist and ordered the x-rays.
That that x-rays were quickly read.
That now we know what is wrong and how to right it.
That I have such a loving and supportive husband.
My Therapist, Mark and I were talking about marriage during my treatment this morning. Her marriage didn't last and she is still sad about it, but has since moved on.
Then she pointed out that what Mark and I have is "the real thing." That the staff often remark: 'see how he looks after her,' 'see how sweetly she speaks to him,' 'see how they treat each other,'
That is how married couple should treat each other.
My grandmother often said: "What we go through isn't about us; it is for someone esle's benifit."
And if going through all of this was to show several people what a g-dly, loving couple looks like, then all of this was well worth it.
Thank you, G-d for Your Healing Power and Loving Care.
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