Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Getting Ready For Hanuakkah


I am now rested from PT and now about to pick up the Dinning Room.
We need to start getting the house ready for Hanuakkah.

I love this time of the year. I love to see the White lights in the windows, the candles. And while Mark and I do not celebrate Christmas, it is a beautiful time of the year.

While we do believe in the Messiah, we do not believe He was born during this time of the year. However, by the reading of Scripture, Yeshua was 33 and a half when He died. This would be about April 3-4, Nissan 14. If you count bac six months, this would put His birth some time in the autumn, betweent Yom Kippur and the Feast of Booths. Most likely the Feast of Booth, which is when we celebrate His birth. So that means Yeshua could have very well been concieved about Hanuakkah.

Now, this was not written to get into a Holy War over Christmas. I love reading the various jounrals (I hate the word blog and shall not use it) seeing the beautiful colours and decorations of the holiday. My own spiritual awakening at age eight years old came during this time so it is a special time to me. I just wish the special feelings, the kindness that is shown these 31 days we, we could carry them throughout the year.

And frankly, I believe we can. It is a choice we easy can make.

One day, I told my mum, if there had been no Hanuakkah, there would be no Christmas.

You see, that was a dark time. A nation much greater than Israel came and tried to wipe us out not only as a nation, but a people. To teach our children the Torah would mean not only the death of the parnet, but of the child. Even the Holy Temple was defile.

Until a small band of men, a Priestly family said: enough is enough! And stood up and in the Power of G-d Himself, drove that nation out.

If that nation has sucessed, there would be no Jewish people today. There would have been no Miriam, mother to Yeshua. Stained Glass

There would be no Christmas.

That is why I love this time of year; it is the time of Miracles. Menorah

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