Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Debbie's Birthday

Today is a quiet day. While Mark is at the unemployment office, I am working on Yosef's quilt and quite determine to finish it this week. It is going to look a little different than I first started, but I also think the outcome is better.
Today is also my friend Debbie's birthday. We have a tradition of getting together for each other's birthday since we became friends years also. And when I married Mark, he was blessed to be added to the mix. This year, because of the car accident, Debbie and Sturat brought my birthday party to me. This year is is so cool that Mark is here to join in the fun.
Debbie has been wanting to learn the Hebrew prayers, but being blind, there are no Siddur, (prayer books) for her to use. But I did find The First Steps of Hebrew Prayer on CD, so that will be our birthday present to Debbie. Sinc they both like Starbucks, we are getting them the Holiday blend for Hanukkah along with the Hanuakkah mugs.
If they haven't sold out yet.
Speaking of coffee....

This is a picture of Debbie and Sturat at Mark's surprise birthday party a few years. They are one of the sweetest, loving couples I know.

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