Thursday, 18 December 2008

A Christmas Carol

This week's book choice is a no-brainer.
Scrooge A Christmas Carol. Written in 1843, it is still in print. And while there are many movie versions out; some good, some not so good, the book is still the best. Charles Dickens paints a wonderful tale that gives you a good, scare, a good laugh as well as a good think. Without a doubt, his best work.
The morale is one is never too old to change.
But I think there is a deeper truth.
The Spirit Present states, the Child born in Bethlehem doesn't live in Man's hearts one day of the year but in all 365.
Does He? Does He really live in the hearts of us who claim to be followers of this Child, no longer a Babe in a manger, all the year?
At the end, Scrooge vowed to change his ways, and it wasn't just "keeping Christmas" Christmas Day, but for the rest of his life, touching the lives of all who knew him this time as a blessing and not a curse.
I believe there are lessons as to how to treat our fellow human beings in this Ghostly Tale.
Mark has never read A Christmas Carol, so this year, we are reading it at bedtime before our evening prayers.

The discussions are awesome.
Enjoy. Three Kings 2

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