Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Hanuakkah in Iraq

Since our Shabbath Supper would be our Thanks Giving meal, there wasn't a lot to do. So Friday morning, Mark and I packed the things we brought to send to the Troops.

Thanks to our friend Kathi, of Mail Call!Supporting the Troops , we were given the address to send gifts for Jewish soldiers. So earlier in the week, Mark and I went shopping and for somethings with the hopes of blessing others. Mark recieved many Hanuakkah gifts from across the country while he was in Iraq last year and we wish to do the same for others. Amoung the gifts are Teddy Bears, Holiday Cookies, Chocolate coins and pototoe chips. Since we enjoy fried foods during Hanuakkah, Mark suggested Chips.
Isn't he cute?
We also wrote out holiday cards, send greetings and our prayers....
Mark always mention how much it means to recieve a card from home, a box. Something that reminds of the Country you are serving, of those you left behind. He also states it is nice to know that others take a few moments to say 'hello' 'Thank you for your service' "G'-d bless you' "may you come home soon and safe.'
I remember how Mark would recieve a card from a child and read it to me. How touched he was that an elderly couple would write a little prayer or a Vet from another war would tell him he's doing a fine job and how proud he was of all our service men and women,
After ringing off, I would pray for those kind souls that made my beloved's day just a little brighter.
I pray that Mark and I are able to do the same for this nation's heroes.
The DinningRoom is a little messy, but it is for a good cause.

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