Friday, 19 December 2008

Eggnogg Tea


It is a cold, dreay day here in Virginia, but nice a cozy in the Reel Home. It is a several hours before Shabbat and of course we are getting ready for this special time as well as Hannuakkah. Mark and I are trying a new tea we found: eggnogg.

It's not bad for the season, but not something I would wish every day.

We have all of the Channukiahs in each window (except the bathroom) and they now just wait to be lit Sunday evening, the first night of Hannuakkah. I have stopped for a few minutes to finish up the Hannuakkah Kippur I am making for Mark.

Pictures to follow.

I am sore from PT, but feeling good. In fact, I realize I didn't take my medication last night or this morning. I have taken some now. My Therapist is really pleased with my progress. And so am I. But I am also wise enough not to over due things.

Besides, Mark won't let me.

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