Saturday, 13 December 2008

Quiet Shabbat

First, thanks to everyone for their prayers and encouraging words. And yes Beth, the chicken soup made a huge difference Wink

Last night Mark and I weclomed Shabbat in by the skin of our teeth. Because of a busy week, we were running about getting everything done. Mark was upset because he didn't think we would be ready by sunset.

I took my beloved in my arms ans kissed his cheek.

"Last year during this time, everything was ready and perfect for Shabbat. But you weren't here. I rather rush through getting everything together by Shabbat with you, than to have it picture perfect and your in Iraq."

He smiled, kissed me and we went back to work.

Yes, we finished in time and yes, we had a wonderful evening.

Today with this being Mark's Drill weekend, I spend a nice quiet afternoon, reading, resting. My hip hurt some, so I did some stretches and felt better.

Tomorrow afternoon there is a unit Christmas party and we will be going. So, I will be making sugar cookies in the shape of Stars of David.

I think it is fitting.

The Chroncles of Narina is coming on this evening, but I don't think Mark will be able to stay awake to watch it.

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