Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Boka Tov:
I had just reading some of The Kite Runner, read some Torah, said my prayers and turned off the light when the phone rang.
It was 10:47p.m and I knew who it was.
The days had busy ones. He had heard about the crashes and knew he had to call...
"Baby, I'm fine..
I knew whatever happen he was. But it was still nice to hear his voice.
Of all things, we spoke of and even sang parts of "I'm Already There" to each other. We spoke of the fact there are things that happen, parts of the day that causes one to think of the other. How at times we can feel each's presences.
It is what happens when one is married to one's soul-mate.
The call last 38 minutes. We had an extra 8 minutes. How preious is that.
He had an early day. Yesterday he had to give reports, today to deal with a Contractor not quite living up to his end.
I shall be writing Mark's second report later.
When we rang off, I gave thanks for hearing my beloved's voice again. But also prayed for those wives, mums and daughters who would be recievings such calls ever again.
As a military daughter and mum as well as wife, I can relate their worries and hurts as well.
I have sisters hurting. And as I hung Mark's pillow, I prayed for them as well.
Well, it is another day of laundry.
Mark and I agreed that by doing one bag a day, I don't wear myself out and I actually get out of the house. Good plan.
I also hope to visit the sites I have missed the past few days.
This weekend I do plan to go shopping for a better cameria. The one I have is very good, but the Zoomer is not working as well as it use to and I am actually losing good lights and shots fighting with the Zoomer: it speeds up, gets stuck, etc. I don't think it is worth price to have it fixed, but I could be wrong.
I am thinking about doing a blog of just my pictures and the stories behind them.
I think might be fun. Let me know what you think of the idea.
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